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Tindoori and Soyachunks

My interests for cooking roots to my child hood days, but practically trying out the new recipes taken shape only after my marriage

Last friday my kitchen left with only tindoori and small pack of soya chunks.

I tried a new recipe, finally got success. 🙂

Just taken 1cup onions, 1/4 tindoori, 1 cup soya chunks. salt according to taste, pinch of garammasala powder, pinch turmeric. tablespoon chilli powder. and little water. 2 tablespoons oil

First keep aside the boiled soyachunks, boiled in the sense. just for 2 minutes.

Now take a pan, add oil, once heated add cumin seeds, and then the onions, once onions are fried. add ginger garlic paste, and then turmeric powder, and then add the tindoori. let the tindooris fried in oil. and then add soyachunks. cook for 2 or 3 minutes and then add salt and chilli powder. let it cook for 2 min. and then add 3 spoons of water and let it cook for 10 min. check whether the tindoori is cooked or not.

lastly add the garam masala powder.

you can garnish with coriander leaves. this goes well with rice and chapathi

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